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What is the relationship between society and culture?

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What is the relationship between society and culture?

Postby Angelina David » Sat Dec 15, 2012 7:54 am

A vast one. Society is directly responsible for culture.It is when we live in society taht the need to civilised behaviour occurs and that in turn gives rise to all the frills of culture- all the refinements which amke societal life pleasurable. Man when he was alone didnt need good manners or coutesies but with the formation of society-all that is beautiful in relationships became amust- group meetings over common agendas of entertainment, politicis etc..Earlier might was right but with society came the need to respect others rights and slowly dawned the realisation of the equality of human beings which gave us some beautiful things-Art, music dance etc all have meaning only in society when one can perform and be appreciated.Dressing up, looking good speaking well eating good food all it came with society so the bond is very strong betwen the two.One is the source of the others existence.
Culture and society are co-existent. one does not or cannot exist without the other. culture and society may have some common elements but the two are not the same; they are not identical. the essential difference is that society is composed of people while culture consists of knowledge, ideas, customs, traditions, folkways, mores, beliefs, skills, institutions, organizations, and artifacts
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