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Why To Choose Nursing As A Profession

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Why To Choose Nursing As A Profession

Postby Angelina David » Fri Dec 07, 2012 8:15 am

Nursing is a noble profession that is dedicated to assist ailing individuals, families, society and communities. The main aim is to help them achieve and, at the same time, maintain optimum level of health and form. According to the modern definitions of the profession of nursing, it is regarded as the art and science of promoting and improving the quality of life of the people, throughout the span of their life, from birth, old age and till the end of the life. Nursing has been an essential part of the society, even before it was regarded as a profession. Convent nuns offered their selfless services to the sick. They treated all, whether rich or poor, with full dedication and caring attitude. There were soldiers in the military that took care of their comrades during wars and provided them first aid and took care of their wounds. Even today there are hospitals, which are headed by military nurses. People still have trust in the hospitals which are headed by capable and proficient nurses, even though many private hospitals have emerged.

Nursing is a profession which is respected by all. It is not just a simple capability but an attitude of service and a skill which plays an important role in the society and the communities. The profession can make a great difference in the medical treatment of the sick person, by providing them all the medical services with compassion and devotion. Health of the people in the society and the survival of the ailing patients are in the hands of the nurses, which in itself is a huge responsibility. Doctors and surgeons work in coordination with the nurses while treating and operating a patient and they complement each other in their task of providing the optimum health facilities to the patient. Strict code of ethics has to be followed by nurses, as it is a matter of one's life.

Nursing is a dignified discipline with many reasons to choose it as a profession, which revolves around attainment, retaining and maintenance of optimum health of the patient. With the evolving technology, standardized procedures and sophisticated equipment, the profession of nursing has become more advanced and developed. More than medical knowledge, it is important to have compassion, caring attitude, strong devotion and dexterity to handle patients and provide them with medical care and services. Good social skills will help the nurses to get along well with even the uncooperative patients and work in their best form possible, to attain the motive of providing best medical care services.
Angelina David
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Re: Why To Choose Nursing As A Profession

Postby jack001 » Fri Jan 11, 2013 1:01 pm

The academic planning you will need relies on the medical headline you are hoping to obtain. If you would like to begin your career in medical as a cna (CNA), you will need a secondary school qualification or a General Educational Development qualification (GED). You’ll also need to complete a CNA certification program.
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Re: Why To Choose Nursing As A Profession

Postby Judy » Sat May 11, 2013 12:44 pm

Opportunities in nursing offer diverse choices in work settings, including hospitals, home health agencies, community health clinics, long-term care facilities, schools, and select specialty programs. As a nurse, you also can expand your options by pursuing education at the graduate levels to advance your knowledge and skills.
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