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Culture vs Society

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Culture vs Society

Postby Angelina David » Sat Dec 15, 2012 7:45 am

ImageCulture is changing constantly. Certain products of culture are governments, languages, buildings and man made things. It is a powerful tool for the survival of mankind. Cultural patterns of ancient people are reflected in their artifacts and are studied by archaeologists to understand their way of life. Culture is an important part of a society for the very existence of society. Culture also plays an important role to establish discipline in a society. According to the behavior patterns and perceptions, there are three levels of culture.

First one is the body of cultural traditions that makes you to differentiate a society from others. When people speak German, Japanese or Italian, then they are referred as the language, beliefs and traditions shared by each set of people that is different from others. Second one is the subculture in which different societies from different parts of the world preserve their original culture. Such people are the part of a subculture in the new society. For example, subcultures in United States consist of ethnic groups like Mexican Americans, African Americans and Vietnamese Americans. The members of each subculture share a common language, identity, food tradition and other traits through a common ancestral upbringing. The third level is the cultural universals that consist of behavior patterns shared by the humanity as a whole. Some examples of such behavior patterns are communicating with a verbal language, use of age and gender to classify people, differentiation based on marriage and relationships.

Society is referred to as a group of people who share common area, culture and behavior patterns. Society is united and referred as a distinct entity. Society consists of a government, health care, education system and several occupations of people. In a society each and every individual is important because each individual can contribute something to the society. Also you can find smaller groups of people with a certain goal which include groups of students, government agencies or groups that raise money for a specific cause in a society. Many different cultures can be found within a society. You can find several differences within a country or town.

In a broad sense, the society is made of varied multitude of individuals with social, economic or industrial infrastructure. One of the major benefits of a society is that it serves the individuals in the time of crisis. Societies are also organized depending up on their political structure such as State, bands, chiefdoms and tribes. The degrees of political power vary according to the cultural, historical and geographical environments. Certain societies give certain status to an individual or group of people when an individual or group performs a favorable action for the society.

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