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Community Colleges: The Gateway to a Better Society

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Community Colleges: The Gateway to a Better Society

Postby Angelina David » Fri Dec 07, 2012 8:06 am

In the quick progression our world is witnessing, joining the workforce is getting harder and harder. In order to be part of the world's advancement, which is achieved by various work sectors, one has to have enough qualifications. An education is a necessity to join the moving parade. And since getting a job is becoming more difficult due to the increase in population and the limited amount of vacancies, there is a strong vibe of competition. The higher the education, the more likely you are going to get hired. Sadly, not all people can afford a university education. Not all people have time for it. Not all people are mentally prepared for it. Community colleges are here to meet these people's needs.

Community colleges are educational institutes, but their precise definition and role differs from one country to another. In Australia, for example, these colleges are the institutes that offer development courses, such as those in languages or computer skills, in order to prepare people better for work and enhance their skills. In the United States, a community college is a two-year public institution that offers post-secondary education and other services.

Community colleges may offer transfer education which prepares a student to enter a 4-year university to pursue a higher degree. Sometimes, the partnering university offers its courses at the community college so that the student doesn't have to physically move to another location in order to continue his education.

These colleges also offer programs directly related to the workforce. The career education, for example, is a two-year program after which the student can officially get a job. The industrial training is a contracted program in which a company pays the college in order to provide specific development training and courses for its employees.

Community colleges are also perfect for people seeking personal development. It offers non-credit courses for people who want to satisfy their interests and curiosities in various fields. These colleges also offer remedial education for students who are not quite ready for college-leveled courses. It academically improves and prepares them to take on the necessary post-secondary education they need to get better paying jobs.
Angelina David
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Re: Community Colleges: The Gateway to a Better Society

Postby jack001 » Fri Jan 11, 2013 1:02 pm

A strong ELD program empowers students to communicate more effectively in English while also improving their comprehension and listening schools so that they can understand what is going on around them. Most ELD programs build on native language skills to help the student bridge the gap into English, and many teachers are starting to receive special training so that they can help their English language learners more effectively.
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